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Feb 11, 2013 9:00am EST
out of the vatican...where it's reported thht pppe benedict the 16th... - month.tom rodgers is here withh more on the reasonnbehind it... plus ttdayys ther top storiess 3 the vaticcnnsays pope penediit told the cardinals oo the catholic church ... he's resigning "because of advanced age." pge."he went on to say . "ssrength of iid and bodyyare necessary, strength which in the last few months has deteriorated in me to the eetent that iihave haa too recognizz my incapacittytt addquately fulfilllthee ministty ennrusted toomee" 3 anne arundel countt will soon get a new leader... sooeone to replace john leopold....who - reeigned as county executive mmsconduct.the counny council has less than 30 days to elect p replacement.and thhs morning... marylandds former firsttlady... says she wants the job. job.kenddl ehrlich is no stranger to politicss.. and now she's orking on a cammaign of her own.lobbying - support ammng council pembbrs... wwom sheehopes will & psat of anne aaundel county executive.a position she says 3biggest strengths... name recognition... and being aa wooan. 3&p23:37:20-29 "
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1